The headset for a Xbox 360, what you need to know?

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Xbox has been something of a revelation since its initial release back in 2001. At the time, many of us (including this writer) had our doubts about the viability of a Microsoft gaming console. But Xbox got off to a cracking start and has since showed no signs of slowing down.

A case in point; the founders of this site had a friend who had asked his parents for a PS2 for Christmas and was incredibly disappointed on Christmas Day when he learned that they had mistakenly bought him an Xbox. Now however, some 12 years later, he is still an Xbox gamer and shows little, if any, interest in getting a PS3.

Why’s that then? Xbox is great for playing online, alone, or with a few friends and has successfully married the best of PC gaming with the best of console gaming. The games are enthralling, immersive multiplayer adventures that keep you entertained for hours…And therein lays the problem.

Y’see, although the online functions are absolutely incredible, you still need a headset in order to liaise with other players verbally. In addition, if you want to stay up past your partner’s bed time because you’ve ‘just gotten to the good bit’ (we’ve all been there), then you’ll also need a headset. Likewise, if your housemate or significant other is watching the TV and doesn’t want the atmospheric music and chilling sound effects of the latest Xbox release (for whatever reason), you’ll need a headset.

I suppose you can see the point that we’re (rather forcefully) trying to make here.

A headset really does open up a whole new dimension of the Xbox, or, at least, a good one does. A bad headset just sounds, well…Sketchy. How can you have fun listening to your enemies beg you not to grind them into the dust (as you grind them into the dust) when their desperate pleas are all crackly and static-y? Or, failing that, you might, mishear your squadron commander as you open fire on your own team and blow the mission straight to hell. Worse still, you’ll have absolutely no excuse when called away to take out the recycling in the middle of a high-pitched space battle. Yeah, you heard it (dammit).

You don’t just need a headset. You need a good headset.

That’s where we come in.

Our site gives you up to date news, reviews and features on all things Xbox-headset related. We offer the best selections, the best prices and the best advice that money can buy…Actually, that last part isn’t true. In actuality, its three geeks huddled round a laptop, but you get the idea.

Did we mention that you should get a headset?


Bluetooth Earpiece For Music Lovers

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Due to the high demand of this Bluetooth earpiece, manufacturers have managed to come up with numerous designs of this product.

One such Bluetooth earpiece is the Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Headphone with Adapter SX-910A. Fans of the Bluetooth earpiece will not go without this highly advanced technological device. It is through the use of such highly advanced technology that makes this Bluetooth earpiece what it is.

Once you get this Bluetooth earpiece, you will continuously get the kind of entertainment you so desire regardless of where you may be. This feature comes about due to the fact that this Bluetooth earpiece is highly portable and can therefore be carried easily from one place to another.

By using this Bluetooth earpiece headphone you will be able to conveniently make use of your phone wirelessly. This will be for both calling and answering of calls.
For individuals who love to go for that morning or evening walk, they will now be able to do so while being entertained by listening to their favorite music. Due to the light weight of this Bluetooth earpiece, you will be able to use it without experiencing fatigue.
This Bluetooth earpiece also has the ability to provide an extremely lengthy conversation time as well as standby time which are sure to offer you the kind of effective service you so desire. This is because you will be able to talk to your friends and family for as long as you want.

As you listen to your favorite songs, there is nothing as irritating as poor sound quality. This will prevent you from enjoying your music. With the Bluetooth earpiece, this will not have to be a problem since this device has a stereo track as well as Hi-Fi sound quality.

You will therefore be able to enjoy and get the best entertaining experience.
Convenience and lack of limitations are some of the leading factors of the popularity of this device. When it comes to listening to music and making or receiving calls hands-free, then this Bluetooth earpiece is the way to go. Your friends will begin to envy your cool and sophisticated look whenever you use your headphone.

Regardless of where you are or what you may be doing, you can begin to enjoy this wireless Bluetooth headphone. And previously stated, due to the fact that you can answer your calls hands-free, it will come in quite handy when driving since you will still have your full concentration on the road with both hands steering your car to your destination.