Sony MDR V150 stereo headphone

When we found this post we were so pleased, having hunted for over a year for this, discovering it on this site was an thrilling time for yours truly.

Any product either it is any handheld or any other gadget designed by Sony stands apart quality wise in market.
Without any second thought if your pocket allows you to buy a product launched by Sony, I will say, Go and Get one! Here we are reviewing Sony MDR-V150 stereo headphone. So, let me share my experience with this headphone.
· High quality Sound
· Solid Grip and comfortable
· Price
· I will say, NONE!

Sony MDR-V150 stereo headphone is indeed a great headphone available these days in the market. As we know that when word “review” come it means we have to discuss both aspects: good and bad points as well. So, in the following lines you will observe the same.

The first feel you will get is the comfort. I noticed it at least. You can easily adjust headband according to your head size without any inconvenience. Once I was listening music for more than 6 hours continuously, and you know what, I was as fine as I had just started.

I mean you will not feel any kind of weight on your head even if you are using it since many hours continually.
Another great factor is surround sound quality. Good throw of music and clear sound, great deep and high lows. I observed almost 0% twist of sound and the range was really exceptional. I like the technology used in it, which stops every sound to come in ears. I remember, once I slept in my college library quite well.

The foam set on the ear piece is really good, and this is the thing which keeps you comfortable when you are wearing it. It has 6 feet long cord, and this is very good length.
The issue I faced with this stereo headset is that it does not get set from the first day. I mean in the initial days you may keep setting the headband, and cannot enjoy thoroughly. Even sometimes few noises like bell, or any sound with high pitch, I mean my girlfriend’s voice, cannot be stopped by this.

So, you cannot ignore your girl friend’s voice…
To conclude, I would say that if you want to buy you one with all qualities and reasonable as well, so Sony MDR-V150 stereo headphone is what is just perfect for you. I would so go and buy 1 to get the high quality sound experience.

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